Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplant

In the FUE Hair Transplant, the area where the hair follicle will be taken and transplanted is anesthetized by using local anesthesia. If the person is afraid of needles or pain, this procedure also can be performed by using sedation. With the exception of a few needle pains made at the beginning of the procedure, the patient has no further pain.
FUE Hair Transplant is the procedure of removing the hair follicles from the scalp or the donor area in the form of single, double, triple follicular units by using a micromotor having special tips with a diameter of 0.8 mm or 1.1 mm without any incision marks, without stitches.
The follicular units are removed from the posterior and lateral parts of the scalp and these units are inserted into the desired area. Local anesthesia is applied to the donor area. In this transplant method there is no pain and stitch mark. 
The FUE method also allows of removing the hairs from the chest area and back for the transplantation. The removing hairs are inserted into the desired area and they have natural appearance.
It is possible to insert 2000-4500 grafts (4600-10350 hairs) in a session depending on the density of the hair in the area where the hair which is called donor area and the desire of the person. If too many grafts are wanted to be inserted, it would be better to split the session into 2 days. Also, the doctor can only decide how many grafts you need depending on your hair thickness and area.