Bleaching is the procedure that helps taking out the yellow stain that is caused by various reasons in the porous enamel on the tooth surface by means of tooth whitening that is applied to the surface of the teeth.

There are two kinds of teeth whitening methods; one of them is In-Office Power Bleaching and the other one is a Home Bleaching. In both techniques, first of all, the natural color of the teeth of the person is evaluated and the treatment method is determined. In-Office Power Bleaching, which is also known as laser teeth whitening, is performed in the clinic. Special light sources such as UV light or laser light that activate the whitening gel are used. It is a fast, reliable and effective whitening method that can make the teeth lighter. One or more procedure can be performed depending on the teeth structure of the person. Intracoronal Bleaching is another procedure that is preferred for teeth whitening. Home Bleaching is the teeth whitening made by using the whitening gels with the mouthguard prepared according to the size of the teeth of the person. The dentist tells the person how to use it with a Bleaching gel. The person can get the desired results in 1 to 2 weeks by using it regularly depending on the dentist's advice. Depending on the structure of the teeth, the two methods can be performed at the same time.