Hair Transplantation

One of the most common cosmetic problems today is hair loss. Although it is thought to be specific to men, it is also a problem that women face from time to time. Shedding between 50 and 100 strands per day is normal. If the figures are higher than this, a specialist should be consulted. Although hair loss can be reduced or prevented by various hair treatments such as hair laser and PRP, hair transplantation is performed as a permanent solution in people who have experienced intense shedding.

Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution to the dilution and baldness problem caused by hair loss. With hair transplantation, genetically resistant hair follicles are collected from the nape of the patient and planted in the channels opened in the areas where baldness or thinning has occurred. Hair transplantation is a micro surgery performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, it should be performed in hospital environment and in the presence of anesthesiologist.


Stages of hairtransplantation

Hair Transplantation is performed in 4 stages

1. Hair Transplant Preparation

The hair color, hair thickness, frequency of the area where the hair follicles will be taken and the width of the area to be transplanted are determined whether there is any health problem in the person who wants to have hair transplantation. Number of sessions and planning is done.

2- Collection of hair follicles

After the donor area is prepared for the procedure, the hair follicles are collected individually by FUE motor. It is very important that the roots are not damaged. Each of these roots, called grafts, contains an average of 2-3 hairs.

3. Opening channels

Opening the channels in the correct size and depth according to the region affects the rate of hair transplantation. Attention should be paid to opening a channel suitable for the size and length of hair follicle to be transplanted. The angle of the duct should also be well adjusted to achieve the most natural look.

4. Planting of roots in opened channels

In the last stage, the collected roots are placed one by one at 40-45 degree angles and the hair transplantation operation is completed.

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Hair Transplantation in Women

Depending on the type of hair loss hair transplantation is done by selecting the appropriate method

Hair transplantation is also possible in women. But first you need to determine the type of hair loss. If there are openings in the front and top, ‘male pattern hair loss’ is present and hair transplantation can be done. If there is dilution and shedding at the same rate everywhere, hair transplantation is not considered appropriate in these cases, different treatments are applied.

Hair transplantation is recommended for those diagnosed with ‘male pattern hair loss’. The results are generally successful and satisfactory.

In women, hair transplantation application can be carried out by densification and bruising.


Who can make hair transplantation

Adult persons without serious health problems

Adults who do not have a serious chronic condition (cardiovascular, kidney diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, hemophilia such as hemorrhage, coagulation disorders, etc.) who have sufficient hair follicles for transplantation (donor) and who do not have any skin condition in the transplantation area can transplant hair.

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What is Shock Loss

It is the expected temporary loss of hair after transplantation.

You should consider that a short-term trauma will occur in the transplanted grafts and scalp after hair transplantation. In response to the trauma, the body sheds the old hair in the graft and makes room for new, firm hair to come out from the bottom. This temporary condition, which can be observed for the first 1 to 5 weeks after hair transplantation, is called shock loss. The amount of shock loss can vary depending on many reasons such as the hair transplant technique used, the way the surgeon applies the technique, the amount of hair transplanted, the thinness of the person's scalp and the structure of the hair.


Hair Transplant Healing Process

After 48 hours of sowing, washing is started.

The first day after hair transplantation is checked. After 48 hours of sowing, washing is started. Hair follicles that grow from the hair follicles show elongation in 2-3 weeks, but later hair loss occurs. This situation is temporary. After a few weeks of rest, the hair grows again and becomes normal after 6 months. Hair in some areas may take longer to reach this state.


Is hair transplantation a painful procedure?

When local anesthesia is performed, no pain is felt during the operation

As the person is given local anesthesia, pain or pain is not felt, only after the intervention there may be some pain. Pain relief can be used with painkillers. The first night after the procedure may be a slight pain may need to use painkillers.

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What to Consider After Hair Transplantation

There are few things you should be careful after hair transplantation.

  • Follow the medication and instructions given by your doctor one by one.
  • Do not consume alcohol or similar substances due to drug use.
  • Do not drive for 1 day after the operation.
  • Avoid hard work for 2-3 days after hair transplantation.
  • Do not stay in stressful environments and do not engage in heavy sports.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse for 2-3 days after the operation.
  • The hair transplanted area should not be exposed to friction, scratching and other traumas.
  • Protect from natural outdoor conditions such as sunshine and wind for 10 days and wear a hat outdoors.
  • Lie on your back.
  • Do not overload the planting area when washing your hair.
  • You can apply light massage when washing hair, but do not massage the planting area.
  • Do not use the hair dryer until a certain time.
  • Avoid cosmetic products such as spray, paint, jelly for 15 days.
  • You should not enter the sea or swimming pool for 10 days


How to do hair examination and analysis

The first check is done with photographs and if it is discussed properly, hair transplantation is planned, hair inspection is done by the doctor before the hair transplantation.

Hair status is evaluated by the aesthetic surgery specialist. In the examination, the degree of openness and infrequency area is measured and the health and frequency of the hair follicles on the neck are examined. If the person's hair area on the nape is enough to cover the opening, Hair Transplantation treatment is performed, if this area is not suitable, information is given about other methods. Hair transplant specialists identify your hair problems with hair analysis, plan your hair treatment and report the positive results of the treatments in a realistic way and offer an appropriate treatment to your patients.

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What should be considered before the hair transplantation process

What should you do before hair transplantation.

  • Aspirin and similar drugs that dilute blood and increase bleeding should be discontinued at least 7 days in advance. Persons who regularly use such medicines should consult with their doctor and be prepared.
  • Before the shower should be taken and any substance such as jelly, cream, lotion, paint should not be applied.
  • There should be a 2-hour fasting period before the procedure.
  • You must have 1 person to drive with you.
  • When coming to the hair transplant operation, clothes that you can easily wear and remove (zipper style) with zipper at the front should be preferred.
  • Smoking and alcohol should be discontinued 3 days before the operation.
  • Ideally 8 hours of sleep the night before the operation should be taken.
  • Before the operation, hair cutting should not be done unless the specialist wants it.


Which techniques are applied in hair transplantation

The most up-to-date and advanced techniques are Fue, DHI

FUE Hair Transplantation

With the FUE method, which is one of the newest and most modern hair transplantation techniques of the recent period and is accepted as the gold standard, people are given the opportunity to have natural looking hair.

The difference of FUE technique used in hair transplantation is that it leaves little scar and shows rapid recovery. The success of the operation increases due to the development of materials used in the FUE method.

DHI Hair Transplantation

No holes are drilled in the areas where the hair is to be planted, and the hair follicles are placed directly on the scalp painless and painless with special tips. Provides more frequent and more natural hair transplantation by focusing on the spaces between the hair without damaging the existing hair.

Since the recovery process is faster compared to classical techniques, normal life can be returned as soon as possible.

Unshaved Hair Transplantation

As with standard hair transplantation, the popular method known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used for unshaved hair transplantation. In this method, the roots taken from the nape region are transferred to the region where the planting will be done with special millimeter equipment. The biggest difference of non-shaving FUE from the standard method is that there is no need to shave the patient's head completely.

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When do I get results?

Complete results take between 6 months and 18 months.

Transplantation + Control + 8 At the end of the 10-day process, including washing, your hair will be cut short, as if your redness is reduced to 80%.

Hair transplantation in the first month of hair transplantation is mostly shed. It takes about 3 months for new hair to grow again. In this period, the appearance of the hair is similar to the period before hair transplantation. Visible change occurs more frequently in the 5th and 6th months. 50-60% of the transplanted hair grows in the first 6 months and about 12 months.

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Is it clear that I have a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation with appropriate techniques done by experts are non visible.

In order for the transplanted hair to look natural, the operation should be performed by doctors and specialists who specialize in the field. Hair transplantation operations carried out by experienced experts in the right health care facility can provide naturalness that look natural.


Is the transplanted hair shed again?

Planted hair is stronger and more durable than your shedding hair

Since the hair roots are usually collected from the nape for hair transplantation, the probability of hair loss is very low. Because the hair follicles in your nape are known to be permanent and are stronger than your natural hair loss.

The fact that the hair structure is strong and healthy does not mean that the hair will not fall out. Our hair is also shed during their growth, development and shedding phases, and immediately after that, they remove hair follicles from the hair follicles again. The point to be considered here is the structure and strength of the hair follicles.


How many days are needed for hair transplantation

3 day is enough for hair transplantation+

FUE and DHI techniques, hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, hair pigmentation process takes approximately 3 days. It is better to leave 5-7 days for hair transplantation in terms of rest and a more comfortable process. 3 days is sufficient for transactions.

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What should be considered when doing a hair transplant?

The things you should consider before hair transplantation.

1- The health of your hair cells

2- Ability to feed these cells in your planting area

3- Experience of your doctors.

depends on such factors