Check Up


Pek çok hastalık erken teşhis ile tedavi edilebilmektedir. Özellikle 40 yaş üstü kişilerde yılda bir defa check-up önerilmektedir. 

Check-up is general health check. It is a screening method that should be performed regularly at least once a year, even if there are no complaints or illnesses. The purpose of check up is to take the necessary precautions before the disease occurs. Early diagnosis and treatment is the most important step in preventing disease progression. Our doctors can extend their preferred check-up package with the most appropriate tests based on the data collected by our patients on age, gender and various risk factors during their check-up examinations.

What should you pay attention to before you come to the check-up?

• If you are pregnant or have any doubts about this, always tell your doctor before starting the procedure.

• Please bring your test and examination results with you.

• Make an appointment, do not eat and drink on the day of the appointment. (A night hunger of 8-12 hours is enough)

• If you are taking a heart and blood pressure medication, be sure to specify it.

• If you use Vitamin C, stop it 2 days in advance.

• Stop iron-containing drugs 3 days in advance.

• For women, it is recommended that check-ups do not coincide with menstruation days.