About Us

Clinic ways, each with its own highly experienced young and dynamic staff serves in the Antalya region.
The clinic ways team, which performs the management of thousands of operations each year, continues its activities with its experience and 100% satisfaction principle.
Clinic Ways provides people-oriented, quality and price reliability at maximum conditions and briefly for those who apply for health services;

* Makes the necessary arrangements to ensure that health and aesthetic services that directly affect lives are taken in accordance with scientific and internationally accepted laws and ethical values.

* In this framework, technical and personnel equipment works with senior hospitals and provides long-term support to patients and their relatives

* Accommodation, transfer, escort, hospital, post-operative follow-up, etc. organizes organizations.
* Provides patient-physician communication by organizing social media, web and other communication channels




Face Behind Clinic Ways Our Team

Ahmet Habip

Administrative Affairs - Quality Management

Şerife Can

Public Relations - Information

Alper Habip


İsmail Işık

Patient Manager
deniz uludaÄŸ, clinicways

Deniz Uludağ

Patient Manager
deniz uludaÄŸ, clinicways

Arzu Yalçındaş

Patient Manager
mert nazif yurdakul, clinicways

Mert Nazif Yurdakul

Web Developer