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Scoop Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Surgical interventions to remove the prominent ear appearance due to genetic or different reasons are called prominent ear surgery (Otoplasty).

Scoop ear surgery (otoplasty) problems that cause the appearance of the ear is determined by determining the method

- If the angle between the bone behind the ear and the ear cartilage is wider than it should be; The angle is narrowed by stitching on the back of the ear where it joins the head.

- If there is not enough curl in the cartilage located on the upper part of the ear; The operation is completed by suturing under the skin behind the ear.


How does it help?

Eliminate disproportionate

With the aesthetics of the bucket ear, the disproportion of the face in the ears is eliminated and the face appears more complete and proportionate. Pre-school operations, especially in children, contribute positively to the child's psychological and social development.


Is there any alternative treatment other than surgery in Scoop Ear Treatment?

Rope can be applied according to the ear structure

In case of early detection of bucket ear problems in babies, the problem can be solved by using some elastic bands for a few months under the supervision of a doctor.

For later ages, rope-ear aesthetics can also be considered as an alternative to scoop ear surgery, which procedure will be decided during the examination.


Is it safe?

Low complication rate

Although the risk of hemorrhage, hematoma and infection is considered among these complications, these complications are seen much less than other operations.


Which Anesthesia is Applied?

Can be done with local anesthesia in adults

The type of anesthesia to be given during scoop ear surgery may vary according to the age and physical status of the patient.


How many days are required

It is enough to leave the operation for 7 days

Post-discharge controls should not be interrupted; Patients coming from outside the city should stay in Antalya for an average of 7 days after surgery. This period may vary depending on the opinion of the physician.


Daily Life - Work Life

Normal life can be continued after 7 days in children and 10 days in adults.

Adults can return to normal life within 10 days after scoop ear surgery; children can return to normal life / school within 1 week.


Is it clear that I've had surgery?

Incision traces are not visible

In Scoop Ear Surgery, since the incisions are made behind the ear, the incision marks are not visible. In addition, due to the use of aesthetic stitches today, traces of fade in time disappear.


Are the results of Scoop Ear Surgery permanent?

Results lasting for life

The appearance obtained after the operation is permanent, the ears do not return to their original shape after the surgery.


When is the result?

Significant change after surgery

Early swelling and edema disappear, and removal of the bands for 2-4 weeks takes the final shape of the ear.


How is the examination performed?

Determining the problem and planning

In the examination, the source of the problem causing the scoop-ear appearance is determined and planning is made in order to create symmetry between the two ears and to be compatible with the face.


What should be considered after Otoplasty?

Activities where ear can bend should be avoided

  • Tennis bands should be worn for 2-4 weeks postoperatively, this period may vary depending on the opinion of the physician.
  • Shower can be taken after 2-3 days after surgery.
  • Any activity where the ear will bend for about one and a half months should be avoided.


Who can have Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)?

Applicable to children and adults

Scoop with ear problem

  • Children,
  • Adults

scoop ear aesthetics.


How many days to stay in hospital

No need to stay in hospital after surveillance

The patient may be discharged on the same day following the recommendation of the physician.

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