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Endoscopic Methods

Body mass index of 27-32 kg / m2 are methods that can be effective in losing weight. They are made by sending a camera from mouth to stomach. They are simple procedures that do not require general anesthesia. These methods may be effective in short-term weight loss. The person needs full compliance and proper diet practice.


Stomach Balloon

A Method Used in Weight Loss in the Short Term

It is a method used for short-term weight loss. Endoscopic balloon delivery from the mouth to the stomach is intended to inflate the stomach and limit food intake. This method has low ability to achieve permanent weight loss. After the balloon is removed from the stomach within 3-8 months, yoyo effect and weight gain are frequently seen as a result of stomach enlargement. . The gastric balloon is suitable for use as an initial procedure before the surgical procedure that provides a definitive solution.


Gastric Botox

No effect on weight loss other than placebo effect

The aim of the stomach botox is to limit the movement of the stomach by injecting botulnium toxin and to delay the emptying of the stomach. In this way, the ejaculation rate of the stomach is delayed so that the person feels less hunger. Stomach botox alone is not a weight loss method. It must be applied together with a diet. Studies on gastric botox have shown placebo effect.