Plastic Surgery

Hip - Butt Aesthetics

Buttock Lift Surgery is also called Gluteoplasty of Brazilian Butt Lift. It is a plastic surgery that makes the hips look fuller and youthful

Buttock Lift Surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift) is divided into three options and methods: 

  • Enlarging 
  • Lifting ,
  • Reducing.

Fat injections in the buttocks: This method can be combined with liposuction. The fat is taken by using the cannulas with laser or vaser liposuction from lower and upper part of the buttocks, and waist area of ??the person. After some procedures, the fat is injected into the upper part of the buttock.

Buttock operation with buttock implants: Buttock implants are inserted into the buttock when the fat is enough.  The implants are inserted by making a small incision on the buttock which is not too apparent. The materials of the implants are generally silicone implants. Their shape is anatomical and round. They don't affect the person' daily life negatively, because these materials are anatomic and elastic.

Butt lift: Butt lift is performed on people who have severe weight loss due to fat tissue melting, sagging of the skin as a result of occurring excess skin on the buttocks. The excess skin is removed in this operation, and the buttock area is lifted. It makes the hips look fuller and youthful.