Mindshine: SOS exercise against corona fear

05/01/2021 12:11

Corona is not only a physical, but also a psychological burden and challenge. How do you deal with all the fears and worries in the long run? How do I not die mentally when the pandemic threatens my existence? Almost all people around the world ask themselves these questions. Mindshine, the first Mental Fitness Coaching App, wants to start right here. It helps to successfully master phases of stress, to be able to put away worries better, to counteract the corona low and to become generally more resilient and more balanced. A gym for the mind with lots of simple exercises.

SOS exercise for excessive worry
Step 1: write it down. Simply put down on paper what is a burden - the fear itself, but also where it comes from and which areas of life it affects.

Step 2: What feelings does the concern trigger? Write down each feeling (“I feel lonely”) and say it three times. Even verbalizing feelings relieves stress.

Step 3: Breathe away the stress: consciously breathe according to the 4-6-8 pattern for 90 seconds. As you inhale, slowly count to four internally. Hold your breath and count to 6. Count silently to 8 while exhaling. It is scientifically proven that 4-6-8 breathing decreases the heart rate and the perceived stress.

Step 4: “Worst Case Scenario” - describe and write down in detail what the worst consequences would be if the concern were to come true.

Step 5: "Best Case Scenario" - note what could become reality in the best possible case.

Step 6: Formulate a positive belief that deals with the part that you can control yourself. Example: "I am experienced and can offer my employer a lot."

Referance: https://www.msn.com/

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