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Erdem Çetin


Annual control examination (including examınation and x ray and tartar cleaning )
Laser teeth bleaching
Straumann roxolıd slactıve ımplant+titanium abutment
Straumann roxolid sla implant+titanium abutment
Bicon implant+titanium abutment
Alfagate implant+titanium abutment
Zinedent implants
Sinus lift
Bone grafting
Tooth -coloured fiiling -white compozite
Tooth with one root canal
Per canal
İnlay / olay ceramic
İnlay / olay zirconium
Crown (each )-porcelain
Crown (each )- zirconium
e.max crown (each)
Temporary crown
Laminate veneer
Removable plastic denture (both jaw)
Removable metal denture
Partial metal denture
Overdenture supported by implants
Temporary denture
Tooth extraction-simple
Tooth extraction-complicated
Wisdom tooth extraction