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Esma Yıldız


Annual control examination (including examınation and x ray and tartar cleaning )
Laser teeth bleaching
Straumann roxolıd slactıve ımplant+titanium abutment
Straumann roxolid sla implant+titanium abutment
Bicon implant+titanium abutment
Alfagate implant+titanium abutment
Zinedent implants
Sinus lift
Bone grafting
Tooth -coloured fiiling -white compozite
Tooth with one root canal
Per canal
İnlay / olay ceramic
İnlay / olay zirconium
Crown (each )-porcelain
Crown (each )- zirconium
e.max crown (each)
Temporary crown
Laminate veneer
Removable plastic denture (both jaw)
Removable metal denture
Partial metal denture
Overdenture supported by implants
Temporary denture
Tooth extraction-simple
Tooth extraction-complicated
Wisdom tooth extraction

1998-2003: Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry
2003-2009: Selçuk University Faculty of Dentistry Pedodontics AD.
Professional experience:
It performs all applications such as preventive dentistry applications, treatment of dental injuries, canal treatments in milk and permanent teeth, protective orthodontic treatments, sedation and dental treatments, dental treatments under general anesthesia.